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ANMA Board of Governors
Dr.Debasish Kundu PhD.                      Chairman
Myra K.Awan M.D.H.                             CEO
Dr.Sudeshna Kundu MDH, MFHom             
Dr. B.S. Nadha Ph.D.
Dr. Muhammad Amin Baig Ph.D.

Dr. Lubna Baig MD(EH)


Holistic Medical Hylite International (Journal)

Regn No.PCPL 2281 VOL XXIV,No.8 October 2010 Bi-Monthly e-zine of ANMA/IHMS

( Available to ANMA/IHMS Members only )

Chief Editor

Dr. Debasish Kundu 

Chief Advisor

Dr.Peter Morrell Ph.D. (U.K.)

Scientific Advisor

Dr.Dan Kenner,Ph.D.,L.Ac.(U.S.A.)

Editorial Board Members

Dr Edouard Broussalian Ph.D.(Switzerland)

Dr.Darlene Downs C.H.T.,D.D.(U.S.A.)

Dr. Sheila Mackenzie Ph.D.(Canada)

Dr.Sudeshna Kundu MDH,M.F.Hom(India)

Leonardo Anfolsi (Italia)

Dr.ShahidMahmoodAbbasi MBBS,Ph.D(Pak)

Dr. Md.Usman Balooch Ph.D (Pakistan)

Dr. Elkhair E. Ahmed Ph.D (Psy) (U.S.A.)

Dr. Linda B. Ahmed Ph.D.(U.S.A.)

Ms.Grisela Brukl Ph.D.(Germany)

Dr.Fabio R.Ambrosi N.D.(Italia)

Mr.Rinaldo Octavio Vargas,Sociologist(Italia)

Ms.Claudia De Rosa PDHom(Italia)

Dr.Guillermo Zamora M.D.(Mexico)

Mr.Manolis Milonakis,Pharmacist(Greece)

Ms.Barbara Mary Victoria Scott Ph.D.(British Columbia)

Dr.Incensio Terro M.D.(Spain)

Dr. Choo Led Sin MTCM,LTCM,LAC(Singapore) 

Dr Roger Haw(Malaysia)

Dr. H B Gurung(Nepal)

Dr.Shahin Ashraf DHMS(Bangladesh)

# within bracket is the country of residence