About Us

Founded in 1984, the association recognizes and responds to issues facing the 21st-century suffering humanity while remaining rooted in respected traditions that define the human-nature relationship.  It is at the forefront of the effort to educate CAM practitioners to serve as front-line defenders of the public against various ailments,  Through a variety of educational, outreach and advocacy activities, it works to advance member development; promote the professional and scientific standards of natural and traditional medicine; improve the business and work environment for CAM practioners; and to serve as the public voice for natural medicine globally.

 The ANMA encourages patients to pursue innovative and noninvasive therapies on their healing journey, without sacrificing the continued support and participation of their primary care provider.
ANMA is a non-profit health and education organization that gathers an array of holistic therapies in one place. We are committed to work together in creative ways to provide wellness opportunities that focus on the wisdom inherent in healing the “whole person” – mind, body and spirit. The ANMA exists to provide these educational and therapeutic services for the global community  and to provide respectable space for the practitioners in the community.

Our association sponsors  from Certificate to Doctoral degree programs besides memberships and fellowships in over 40 countries in the world. For your nearest center address feel free to Contact us.

ANMA Susidiaries
International Holistic Medical Society,CA,USA
International Homeopathic Medical Society,CA,USA
International Council of Electro Homeopathy, CA, USA

East West University of Holistic Health Sciences, CA, USA

Holistic Medical Hylite International Journal